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Puppies are born with perfectly smooth soft paw pads. Most dog’s paws are neglected and the pads become filled with deep cracks. This problem can be prevented by correct pad care from the beginning. Preventative care depends on the use of a good pad cream, usually containing lanolin and wax. Typically, this is applied before going out in slushy conditions to avoid salt getting into the pads, but regular maintenance is a superior strategy.
After bathing when the pads are slightly damp, have your dog lie down on the carpet in an area where you can both be comfortable and relaxed. Always choose the same spot for this activity, at least until your dog grows to enjoy it. Find a couple of sheets of cardboard or paper to place under the feet.

Red Doberman Puppy sleeping Use a pad cream like Protecta-Pad and work generously into the pads, not forgetting the little pastern pad up top on the front legs. This grooming activity is also good practice for the stay command–have your dog stay lying on her side until the cream has had a chance to soak in well. She’ll probably fall asleep, because a foot massage is very relaxing ... ];@}=}
Repeat this treatment every week or two, depending on conditions. Wet summer conditions can be as damaging as slushy winter conditions.

If you have a home-made recipe for pad cream, I’d love to hear about it!

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