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K9 Alliance:

Animal rights extremists lobby to take away the rights of pet owners in a number of ways. Any opportunity is seized upon by these extremists as an excuse to create laws that gradually erode the right of any citizen to have a companion animal. Peta, for example, proposes that humans should not be allowed any contact with animals at all, and even those animals that have been domesticated for thousands of years and depend upon us should be turned loose to fend for themselves.

For this reason, it is crucial that we all stay informed about law-making attempts that affect our companion animals and us. For some years now, beginning with Breed-specific Legislation, the rights of animal lovers have been continually limited by extremist lobby groups who have a great deal of money at their disposal, mostly donated by people who are ill-informed about the motives of the group they support. Visit the K9 Alliance website, and read the reports and articles that affect all dog lovers.

Breed-Specific Legislation

Visit a blog devoted to anti-BSL in Ontario and keep abreast of the court proceedings.

Read an article that explains the cost of enforcing Breed-specific Legislation.

Proposed breed-specific legislation in Ontario is only the beginning—things will get worse!  This kind of legislation is simplistic–we need thoughtful, effective dangerous dog legislation.  Punish the deed not the breed . . .  The proposed legislation allows research facilities to use innocent dogs just because they are believed to belong to a certain breed.  Animal control facilities are notorious for the misrecognition of dogs by breed. Once pit bulls are eliminated, criminals will gravitate to other athletic kinds of dog breeds and once again tax-payers' dollars will be wasted in more dysfunctional legislation.

Ontario is on its way to becoming a police state; please read the very-well written article above and visit the resources listed on that page; it also features some good photos. Enter the danger zone ...

While pit bull attacks are sensational, studies have shown that dog bite incidents are directly related to ownership by criminals. In other words, socialization is more important than genetics or breed--how the dog is raised determines how it behaves. Statistically, there are much more significant threats to childhood than pit bulls.

Here is a copy of the California dangerous dog legislation, an example of non-breed-specific legislation.

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For information about the Pet Poison Helpline: 1-800-213-6680, visit Dr. Roen's site.

Understand the fine print on pet food labels with the help of this article, Cigarettes, Lies, and Pet Food Advertising.

The ASPCA website has information about substances toxic to dogs and what to do if you suspect your dog has ingested something harmful.

The ASPCA has alerted the media to a new sweetener found in candy that has proven harmful to dogs, called Xylitol, always a hazard at Christmas time. Find articles on dangerous substances such as grapes, cocoa bean mulch, and bread dough. Dogs ingesting bread dough suffer from ethanol toxicosis.

For health information specific to the Doberman breed, refer to the Yahoo group, Health Dobes, for a comprehensive list.  Links include articles on DCM, CVI, thyroid, diet, bloat, cancer, skin problems, longevity, and immune system concerns. 


Read some interesting articles on collars, including the "head halter", and other well-written training articles by Suzanne Clothier.


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Visit The Emerald Forest and Dreambarkscom for realistic dog breed portraits as well as stylized silhouettes.


For the ancient history of the dog, especially for dog lore in which the dog is revered, visit Dog as Deity.


Dog World is an informative magazine for the serious dog lover with articles on nutrition, health, and behaviour usually written by academics/veterinarians.

Paws for Progress Newsletter contains valuable information for the dog lover.


Hand-made collars and leashes of a quality you won't find in a pet store these days are made in Quebec, Canada, by Marie-Josée Lessard. The brass findings have an antique appeal, and you can have a leash, collar, or harness custom made. Equine gear is also a specialty.

Visit www.fordogtrainer.com for dog training equipment needs. Dog training equipment for police,schutzhund,k9,sport and dog lovers. Reasonable prices. Outstanding quality and durability!

Chillydogs.ca makes a variety of coats for various weather conditions, including "the great white north".

Find beautiful cremains urns made of stone or cloisonne at ourpals.com.


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