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Names for Golden Retrievers

If the Golden Retriever is your favorite breed of dog, it's not that easy to find a name that hasn't been used many times before. Because of the huge popularity of the breed, it can take some serious searching to come up with a unique name that not only suits the Golden Retriever, but also the individual characteristics of your pup. The Golden Retriever is reputed to be a friendly, playful, and beautiful companion dog that is also very intelligent and trainable.
However, Golden Retrievers can also be quite protective of their family and not always calm. Some Goldens are so friendly that they become very excited when meeting new people! This, of course, depends on the bloodlines your dog comes from; it never hurts to do some research on ancestry before choosing a breeder so that your new pup grows up to be the kind of dog you were expecting.
The names below include some popular ones that have been used many times for Goldens, as well as some unusual names that may be very old or may be more typically used for babies rather than puppies. This variety should help you decide what type of name you prefer. Some people prefer a unique name that they can explain to those who ask about it, while others prefer a more typical name that everyone will recognize. Visit our all-breed Dog Names page for more suggestions.


Aubrey, Anchor, Antoine, Allouette,

Bailey, Barney, Bilbo, Bruster, Buster, Bottom, Birch, Bert, Barque, Brick, Benny, Breaker,

Casper, Caleb, Cosmo, Caper, Canto,

Desi, Dodge, Dasher, Dandy, Durham, Dermot,

Frodo, Ferdi, Falstaff, Flash, Forrest, Flint, Fergus,

Geordy, Gaston, Guy, Gaetan,

Haley, Hunter,

Indiana, Ichabod,

Jasper, Jette, Justin, Jinx, Jake,

Keeper, Keel, Kiowa, Kelly,

Leon, Lionel, Libra, Lymerick, Léonce,

Max, McDuff, Monty, Matt,


Oak, Ollie,

Punter, Pinot, Ponty,

Que, Quay, Quincy, Quentin,

Rufus, Riley, Reaver, Ryder, Rerun

Smiley, Sammy, Sailor, Sacha, Sean, Seamus, Sigmund, Safron,

Tyg, Ty, Thierry, Tailor, Tyson, Timber, Tanon, Tigger, Terry

Ulster, Uther,

Wilt, Wander, Willem, Wilhelm, Waylan, Watt,



Annie, Anabel, Alison, Andrea, Anastasia,

Bettina, Brittany, Barbi, Bette, Bunnie, Blossom, Bambi, Brandy, Bianca, Beyoncé, Buttercup, Brooke, Breezy,

Cassie, Citrine, Cara, Cymbelline,

Dusty, Dimples, Desi, Daisy, Darla, Dory, Daphne, Daff(odil),

Fern, Fiona, Flush, Fluffy, Felice, Fellina, Fancy,

Gilda, Golda, Gillian, Ginger, Gigi, Giga,

Heather, Hally, Holly,

Illiana, Indy,

Jenny, Jolie, Jillian, Jonquil, Jilly,

Kylie, Kendra, Kiaran, Kharis,

Lexi, Leisl, Lucy, Lyra, Lilly, Lindy, Lilith,

Mindy, Mina, Mimsie, Mona, Melanie, Melody, Melinda, Molly,

Nanna, Nimble, Nina, Nancy,

Oxana, Odette, Odene,

Poppy, Pippy, Paris, Peony, Pippi, Pony

Quest, Query,

Rhiannon, Ruby, Roxie, Renatta,

Sylvie, Shinead, Shawna, Silky, Sasha, Sylph, Sadie, Samantha, Sienna, Sierra,

Tara, Tory, Trina, Tiff(an)y, Tassy, Tilly, Thalassa, Twiggy, Toni

Una, Uma, Umbel,

Willow, Winona, Windy, Wonder, Winter, Whisper,

Xara, Xandra

The most often asked questions when you are out walking your dog are, "What breed of dog is that?" and "What's your dog's name?" If your dog is a Golden Retriever, it's not likely that people will ask about the breed, unless the speaker is a small child. So, if you like to talk to new people, choose a less common name which will give you a chance to prolong the conversation with an interesting story about the origins of the name you chose.

For more general dog names that may work for a Golden Retriever, try our Puppy Names page.

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