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Names for German Shepherds

If the German Shepherd or Alsatian is your favorite breed of dog, it's not that easy to find a name that hasn't been used many times before. Because of the huge popularity of the breed, it can take some serious searching to come up with a unique name that not only suits the German Shepherd, but also the individual characteristics of your pup. Is your pup a serious worker or more of a clown? Think carefully, there will be a quiz later. . . .
Because of the popularity of the breed, it's even more important to do your research before choosing a breeder. And you can also find a pup that is more likely to grow into the kind of dog you expect if you check out the ancestry of the bloodlines. German Shepherds can be very serious watch dogs so you want to be sure to find a breeder that selects the parents for their stable temperament. And of course, be sure that the parents have had their hips x-rayed and have no evidence of hip displasia.


Ajax, Axel, Aldo, Adolf, Adrian, Aryan, Alpha, Aron, Alder, Achilles, Athelas, Astor,

Bjorn, Beowolf, Boris, Brake, Barnard (Barney), Bouncer, Biff, Bullet,

Comet, Castor, Calvin, Cliff, Chronos, Chiron, Casper,

Dieter, Dustin, Data, Dexter, Damon, Drake, Dragan, Damian, Dagmar

Edgar, Elder, Evgenie, Ethan, Everett, Endymion, Emett,

Fritz, Fabian, Falco, Feldspar, Fargo, Fergus, Fiero, Ford, Fidel, Fell,

Gerhardt, Gunnar, Gustav, Gato, Gentry, Guy,

Hans, Heinrich, Hiro, Hessian, Handel, Hadrian, Helmut, Hank, Hammer,

Igor, Intrepid, Indiana, Indy

Jupiter, Jake, Jacob, Jester,


Athena, Andromeda, Anaïs, Aliya, Ada, Aster, Abby, Anastasia, Alicia, Ariana, Atalanta,

Brünhilde, Bunny, Bess, Bethany, Brandy(wine), Beta, Bracken,

Carly, Ceres, Cally, Courtney, Candy, Cynarra

Dina, Daria, Darina, Daphne, Dasher, Dirndl, Destiny, Dakota, Demeter, Dexi,

Elke, Erika, Ester, Elfe, Elise, Evgenia, Estella, Elspeth, Estar, Evi, Elena,

Freya, Frieda, Fresia, Fenice, Freddy,

Giselle, Gertie, Gemmy, Geisela, Gilda, Gabby,

Helga, Holly, Hero, Honey, Hexi

Isobel, Ingrid, Isis, Izzy, Irana,

Josie, Juno, Jasper, Jette, Joeline,

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Klaus, Kirk, Klemmet, Konrad, Kurgan,

Ludwig, Léonce, Lustig, Laird,

Milo, Magnus, Max, Miro, Mikhail, Mercury,

Nikolai, Niki, Nexus, Nigel, Naigle, Nimbus,

Omega, Opus, Onyx, Opticon,

Piers, Phoenix, Piotr, Pilot, Pirate,

Roman, Remy, Romulus, Remus, Rune,

Sven, Sylvio, Simon, Syne, Sebastian, Stein,

Thorolf, Tor, Thierry, Toth, Tanon, Timber, Thor,

Wulf, Warren, Waltzer, Wotan, Wolfgang,

Xizor, Xerox, Xander,

Yorick, Yves, Yuri, Yull, Yagor, Yule,

Zaphod, Zoltan, Zone, Zeno, Zero,

Katja, Katrina, Kerri, Ksenia, Karin, Kendra,

Larissa, Leonie, Lena, Lola, Leisl, Ludmila, Larissa, Lilia,

Mina, Maxi, Mira, Matrix, Mable, Minty, Moxie, Milly, Milena,

Natalia, Nanna, Natasha, Nymph, Niki,

Olga, Omega, Oksana,

Paulina, Pandora, Pasha, Paige, Porphyr, Phylira, Phoebe,

Rhonnie, Rozalia, Roxanne, Regina, Rhea, Romy,

Simona, Storm, Shadow, Sylvie, Sugar, Sigourney, Shawnie, Shayna, Svetlana,

Tamara, Teri, Tassy, Tambura, Tatiana, Toni,

Winter, Winona, Winn, Wonder, Wonka,

Xara, Xora, Xandra,

Yana, Yullana, Yvie,

Zhara, Zampara, Zora, Zenobia, Zena

When choosing a name for your German Shepherd pup, consider what he or she will be like as an adult. The breed is renowned for strength, loyalty, and work ethic, so starting with names that convey a sense of athleticism, intelligence, and reliability will help to dignify your dog's presence. Also, consider the impression the name will make on others who don't know you yet: anyone who fears dogs will be reassured by an affectionate nickname that may not be on your dog's pedigree.

For more general dog names that may work for a German Shepherd, try our Puppy Names page.

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