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Drinking Water for Dobermans

Doberman Pinschers are notorious for having sensitive tummies, so itís most important to prevent your Dobe from drinking contaminated water.† This caution applies to standing water and running water, as well as tap water.† Both running water and standing water outdoors can be contaminated by wildlife and atmospheric contaminants, and tap water may have chemical contaminants that affect your Doberman more seriously than they affect you.† Your dog should have access to fresh filtered water at home, and bottled water that you bring along away from home.

A Doberman Pinscher can easily be taught to drink from a squirt bottle.† My Dobe learned quickly to avoid water she finds outdoors in favour of drinking from a bottle.† Snow is a more difficult matter, however, because Dobes love eating snow, and it may become contaminated in the same ways that water does.†

My eighty-pound Dobe runs hard when we go out, and in an hour or so drinks about a litre of water to prevent dehydration in the warm weather; in the winter she needs about half a litre.


Of course, be sure to clean bottles and bowls regularly, especially in the warm weather, and be careful to avoid vinyl containers.† Plastic can leach contaminants when rinsed with hot water. Any glazed bowls must not have lead in the glaze. Stainless steel bowls can be cleaned more thoroughly and safely than plastic ones.

When filling a drinking bowl from a hose, be sure that the hose is lead free as well! Run the hose for a few minutes to eliminate any standing water that may have absorbed contaminants from the hose. Of course, it is far better to fill an outdoor bowl with filtered water. A separate bowl in a sheltered place can be filled for the use of wildlife on your property; this helps to avoid your dogs contracting diseases from thirsty wildlife that may need to find water there.

Doberman hunting in snow
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