We provide creative suggestions and techniques for animal portraits.† Whether your companion is an obedience or conformation champion or a loved family member, we can capture the beauty of his or her unique characteristics in a variety of different media:

Framed Portraits

Photo Montages

- an artistically arranged group of photo images

Art Portraits

If you enjoy the look of a hand-drawn portrait, send us a photo of your companion, whether dog, cat, bird, rabbit, lizard, snake, fish, or spider! We will create a detailed drawing that captures the unique quality of your friend. We will even take the photo for you, if you prefer. Portraits are available on a wide range of products, including framed prints, posters, t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, magnets, calendars, stickers, greeting cards, postage, journals, postcards
... all at a reasonable cost. When you immortalize your companion animal in a hand-drawn portrait, visitors to your home will know that your companion is more than a pet and must be treated with respect.


Online Photo Gallery or CD

Hard Cover Books

- a companion biography including photos and a professionally written bio: a record of important events, achievements, or amusing stories from your companionís life

- if your family has lived with a number of animals over the years, you may want a history that includes each one

- a companion biography provides your family with a permanent record of shared memories for your coffee table or private library


- share your favourite photo or montage with the world via a tshirt


- join the community of animal lovers on the world wide web and share photos and stories about your companions with distant family members and friends

- we can build a unique personal website or a site for your kennel or champion

Digital Photography

- we specialize in removing plain backgrounds from portraits and replacing them with natural backgrounds, such as woods, fields, or flowers, to provide an appropriate contrast that will enhance your dog's beauty

- because our equipment is of professional quality, we can offer crisp poster-sized prints with amazing detail and incredible colour

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