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Doberman Loyalty

In the past, the Doberman Pinscher has been known for its devotion to one individual; the tendency to form a special bond with one person comes from the origin of the breed as a personal protector.  Louis Dobermann, the breed’s creator, worked in Germany as a door-to-door tax collector and envisioned the first breed whose only task would be to protect its human partner.  Nevertheless, Dobermans have since been trained in many duties and have been bred to be a family dog.  The versatility of the breed stems from outstanding intelligence and athleticism.

Many Doberman Pinscher lovers with friendly, outgoing Dobes are surprised when the dog comes through in a crisis.  One particularly vile myth perpetuated by the ignorant (may they be consumed by wolves) postulates that a dog will only protect its owner if the dog has been treated roughly so that it hasn’t gone “soft”.  This myth is particularly false in the case of Dobermans because Dobes are much too intelligent to bond with someone who doesn’t deserve their loyalty.  The best way to deserve your Dobe is to treat the dog with love and consideration; Dobermans are grateful creatures and they never forget a true friend.

If you truly love your Dobe, she or he will respond to you in ways that will enrich your life, reduce your stress, and improve your self-esteem.  It may seem as though your Doberman can read your mind and anticipate your needs at times.  A truly intelligent dog will understand the value of cooperation and teamwork.  You may find that you have a connection unlike any you’ve experienced with another person.  This bond will take some time to develop, but the more time you spend interacting, the deeper it becomes.

Please contact me with any anecdotes, testimonials, or personal experiences you’d like to share!

A Doberman Stole My Heart!
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