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Red Doberman Puppy at two weeks of age

Ear Care

A Doberman Pinscher ís idea of paradise includes an ear massage that never ends.† Iíve never met a Dobe that didnít love having the inside of her ear gently rubbed.† Keep in mind, however, that once youíve done this for a Dobe, you will be constantly pestered for more!† Make it easier on yourself by keeping your Dobeís ears clean.

Dogsí ears are delicate and more vulnerable than a humanís.† Regularly inspect inside under good light conditions.† Vets donít like to look in the ears with an otiscope because the membrane is too easily damaged.† Moreover, ears should be kept dry inside; itís never a good idea to get water in the ears while bathing.† Be careful washing or cleaning ears so that nothing trickles down into the canal.† If something gets lodged in the ear the dog will shake its head repeatedly; a few drops of mineral oil can be used to help float a foreign body out of the ear canal.

Commercial ear cleaning solutions can be purchased, and some people use a mixture of alcohol and vinegar or a mild form of alcohol (a 50% solution).† A Qtip and a tissue can be used with alcohol, but be extremely careful that the cotton isnít dripping.† It takes some practice to become familiar with all of the tiny crevices inside the outer ear, but once you get to know them it takes less time to do a thorough job.† Your Dobe will be more comfortable afterwards and will probably enjoy the process as well!

A more controversial topic under the rubric of ear health is that of cropping. The Doberman is one of the breeds that is traditionally cropped so that the ears will stand. This procedure makes the head look more streamlined and elegant, but must be done properly by a trained veterinarian and also taped until the ear cartilege can hold the ear erect. Because some unqualified individuals have attempted this procedure and others have not cared properly for the ears until they had a chance to heal, the entire process has been called into question. This is an opportunity that animal rights activists have jumped on and have lobbied to have the rights of responsible Doberman fanciers taken away along with the others.

If you wish to become better informed about this controversial issue, visit the K9 Alliance website for articles and news resources.

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