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The Well-Dressed Dobe

Doberman Parka

Dobes do not possess a double coat like Rottweilers or Labradors and therefore are much more susceptible to cold. In addition, dobes do not fare well in the heat and are much better off indoors with the ac on in the heat of summer. For these reasons, Dobes are indoor dogs most of the time.

Fortunately, there are some well-made affordable garments for dogs available in stores and through mail order; you may also try making modifications to people clothes by adding Velcro tabs down the front. 

My Dobe is more comfortable over the winter wearing a sweatshirt at night, and prefers to be under a blanket with her ears covered as well. In the car or walking on lead she likes to wear a parka and neoprene boots. I bought a water-resistant coat and added a fleece lining with Velcro tabs that does a good job in very cold weather. The boots are a bit of a challenge at first because it takes some practice to wrap the straps tightly so that the boot doesn’t spin on the foot. Once the dog is accustomed to them, however, she appreciates the comfort they provide in slush and icy water. The boots also provide protection from glass shards while jogging; it can be hard to see glass in time to avoid stepping in it.
Doberman Boots
Doberman Sweatshirt

Probably a good idea would be to accustom a pup to wearing clothes without chewing them early on. I’ve found that cutting holes in a man’s sweater sleeve works for a pup, and the cuff folded back looks like a turtle neck.

As long as your Dobe has appropriate toys for chewing, you'll find it easy to teach what is off limits.

Puppy in Sweater
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