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Beds for Dobermans

A good dog bed is a good investment because it reduces wear on your Dobe as well as on your carpet. The oils from an animal's coat will cause dirt to cling to your carpet, and a large dog lying down in the same spot over time will cause wear. In addition, you may find that your Dobe likes to lie in high-traffic areas. A bed will encourage your dog to lie where you want her to, and not in a spot where someone is likely to trip over her or step on her nose!

Sometimes people have trouble getting their dog to use a new bed. If you encourage your dog to lie in a new bed, she may become resistant to the idea. The best solution is probably to pretend that the new bed is for you: lie in the new bed as if you really enjoy it and find it very comfy! Don't be too pleased when your Dobe wants to join you there. . . .

Finding the right bed for your Doberman requires some foresight.  When your Dobe is a pup, you may be concerned about finding a bed that won’t be too tempting to chew, but later in life comfort and water-resistance might well become more important factors.

Before making a long-term purchase, you may want to ensure that your pup is past the teething stage and understands that her own toys are appropriate for chewing, but that furniture and clothes should not be damaged.  An older dog may become arthritic and require softer bedding.  In addition, many problems can cause a dog to become incontinent, so a bed that can be made water-resistant or that has a water-proof side to the cushion is desirable.

Usually beds have a foam or qualofil cushion inside and a removable washable cover with a zipper.  A good dog bed should have a fleece cover and perhaps a cushion insert that is plastic on one side and breathable fabric on the other.  You could always make this yourself and fill it with foam chips or a solid foam slab.

Or, you might want to consider a crib mattress that can be purchased with a water-proof mattress cover.  A mattress cover can have quilting sown over plastic sheeting that protects the mattress from leaks.  This protector, in turn, is covered with a fitted sheet, usually flannelette—you may only be able to find white crib mattress sheets, and might want to dye a couple to match your décor.  A good quality crib mattress should stand up to the weight of an adult Dobe.  This solution may turn out to be significantly less expensive than purchasing a decent quality dog bed in a pet store, although house-wares stores are beginning to carry dog beds as well.  Finding a sturdy bed for a large dog is much more difficult than finding a bed for a small dog, however.

Those who have more than one Doberman sometimes use a regular twin-sized adult bed for their dogs to share.

If you have another solution for the problem of large dog bedding, please contact me!

Sleepy Doberman in bed
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