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This site is designed to provide helpful information for those fortunate enough to be owned by a Doberman. Follow the links above and below for useful information on such topics as Doberman skin problems, paw pad care, a treatment for skunk spray, a great biscuit recipe, advice on treating minor wounds, Doberman incontinence, and many other topics. Click here for information on companion portraits. If you're perplexed about naming your new puppy, visit our new page of Doberman puppy names. Please feel free to contact me with any relevant information relating to items appearing on this site. Enjoy . . .

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Don't allow the human rights of animal lovers to be taken away . . . oppose BSL now while you still can. BSL is an extremist ploy to divide and conquer animal lovers with the ultimate goal of making companion animals, as well as livestock, illegal.

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We do not endorse any puppy mill ads that Google may place on this site--we exclude them as they appear, but new ones continue to pop up like toadstools.

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