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Names for Border Collies

  The Border Collie is known for its athleticism, intelligence, and trainability. Find a name for your new pup that conveys the energy and stamina that your dog will have when he or she grows up. To find a unique name that suits your dog is not an easy task, especially when the breed is such a popular one. Dreambarks will help you find a name that works, whether you prefer a popular or recognizable one, or a name that may have been popular decades ago or longer!


Aaron, Ailean, Axel, Alder, Arrow, Ainsley, Alastair

Bolt, Bart, Bilbo, Benny, Bugle, Boots, Buck, Bingo, Baxter, Barnaby, Barnard, Barney, Baerlic, Blue, Binkie,

Colm, Colin, Calum, Ciaran, Conal, Cliff, Chase, Chester, Cache, Cantor, Chance, Comet, Ceril, Cyril, Chief, Cafall, Cabal, Cole,

Danny, Duncan, Dughall, Dirk, Dollar, Dicky, Diesel, Dazzle, Druid, Drover, Dodge,

Echo, Ember, Ernst, Elder, Eager, Eldred, Early

Fionn, Fraser, Feor, Fjord, Fallow, Flint, Falcor, Frodo, Falstaff, Firth,

Gillebride, Gordan, Grant, Gabe, Garth, Gale, Geordie, Geoff, Gatsby, Grimm, Galar, Graffiti, Gaspode, Garm, Gypsum, Geoffrey,

Heath, Huntley, Hunter, Harlequin, Hidalgo, Hagrid, Hank, Hatchet, Hennie,

Iain, Ivor, Istvan, Iona,

Jude, Jake, Jester, Jasper, Jackson,

Kelvin, Kip, Kev, Kirk,

Lachlan, Laird, Lucas, Landry, Link, Luke, Laddie, Luther, Lincoln, Lariat,

Magnus, Malcolm, McDuff, Mork, McNab, Monty, Mermidon, Milo, Malibar, Mojo, Matisse,

Nigel, Nimbus, Noel,

Orson, Otis, Ogre, Ochre, Opera, O'Reilly,

Parlan, Picasso, Panache, Prancer, Posh, Poker, Pan, Pirate,

Quinn, Quilty, Quaiche, Quip, Quentin,

Ryder, Reaver, Ripple, Rinty, Rouster, Rip, Rocket, Rascal, Rory, Reveille, Rowf, Relic, Ryan, Rimshot, Rambo, Reno, Rowan,

Sandy, Sgaire, Sim, Siomon, Sean, Seamus, Sylver, Shawn, Spork, Spyder, Silvanus, Sailor, Sirius, Sloan, Spade, Shiloh, Skidboot, Spock

Tearlach, Tomas, Tormod, Tray, Timber, Tyco, Turk, Toto, Tranny, Tyler, Torque, Timber, Tank, Toller, Tinker, Troy,

Ulrich, Uther,

Vinny, Viktor, Vincent, Valiant, Viper, Verdell, Von

Wyatt, Wizard, Winston, Wotan, Watt,

Xander, Xerox, Xero

York, Yurik, Yule

Zeb, Zeke, Zero, Zone


Ally, Allison, Anabelle, Athena, Asta, Artemis, Abby,

Brigid, Bridie, Bella, Bijou, Brioche, Biscuit, Bettina, Breezy, Beth,

Caitlin, Ciaran, Cristobel, Cally, Calipso, Cymbelline, Cailie, Calyx, Clarabel, Cinder, Ceylon, Cara, Cerdwin, Coco, Celine, Cloud,

Deirdre, Daphne, Darla, Demi, Dolly, Dru(cilla), Dolina, Dixie,

Elspeth, Elise, Ella, Echo, Effie,

Felicia, Fly, Fiona, Fancy, France, Fabergé, Flora,

Gilda, Gerta, Goldy, Gillian, Goldy, Geisha, Gypsy,

Heather, Hildy, Holly, Halle, Helga,

Isla, Ivy, Ivoire, Izzy, Isobel,

Jemma, Jolie, Jackie, Jordan, Jazz, Jessie,

Kenna, Kendra, Kirsty, Kharis, Kiwi, Kiska, Kelpie, Kim, Kieran,

Lesley, Lindy, Lonnie, Lara, Lilac, Lorimar, Larinda, Lacey, Laralyn, Lorilei, Lilt, Lolly, Larissa,

Marsaili, Maeve, Meg, Morag, Melvina, Morgan, Meagan, Meringue, Miramar, Merle, Mabe, Muffin, Mindy,

Nelle, Nanna, Nola, Nymph, Nimble,

Oxana, Opal, Odene, Oprah, Onion, Onyx, Obasan,

Picot, Piccolo, Porshia, Paschabel, Phoëbe, Pru(dence), Prophyr, Pandora, Persephone, Polly, Pammy,

Ryder, Rhiannon, Ripley, Reine, Rainbow, Ryder, Regan, Rowena,

Sheena, Shona, Sybil, Sine, Sasha, Spectra, Silvana, Sylvie, Sylph, Sheilagh, Seana, Sorcha,

Tufty, Tassie, Tinker, Toby, Taffy, Tilly, Tegan, Tansy, Tilde, Tara,

Una, Umbel, Uma,

Viletta, Vinca, Vonda, Vana, Verbena, Veronica

Wini, Winona, Wendy, Willow, Winter

Xena, Xandra

Yasmina, Yentl, Yonder,

Zoë, Zhara, Zinobia, Zelda, Zora

If your family has more than one dog, it's a good idea to choose names for them that do not sound alike and cannot easily be confused. For example, two dogs named Sorcha and Sacha will not be sure which of them you're adressing with a command. If their names were Alix and Zoë, none of the syllables sound alike and so the dogs will not be confused.

For more general dog names that may work for a Border Collie, try our Puppy Names page.

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