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Names for Australian Shepherds


One of the most popular breeds of all time is the Australian Shepherd because of its reputation for trainability and friendliness. These dogs have a shaggy coat and interesting eye and coat color, as well as a manageable size. One eye is often blue. Because it is athletic, the Australian Shepherd is also a great choice for anyone who enjoys dog sports like agility, but the high energy-level requires a high activity level from the humans in its family.

This breed was developed in the United States, but emulated the Australian herding breeds like the Kelpie, which was famous for its intelligence and interactive trainability.


Axel, Anchor, Abel, Aron, Ajax, Andreas, Arrow, Ace, Aldo,

Bandit, Breaker, Benji, Butte, Baja, Baretta, Brigham, Beau, Blue, Bach, Brig, Blitz, Brake,

Cory, Cactus, Chase, Chad, Comet, Credit, Crimson, Conan, Cobalt, Cupid, Cadet, Cognac, Chance, Cairo, Cache, Cuervo, Castillo, Cider,

Drover, Daimler, Dodge, Dasher, Desi, Dermit, Dillon, Dirk, Derrick, Dashiel, Damon, Diamond, Dwayne, Diego, Diesel, Donner, Devereux,

Evan, Ethan, Euchre, Espresso, Exit, Emeril,

Flint, Forrest, Flip, Finnegan, Festus, Fennel,

, Glyph, Galliano, Gabe, Ghost, Gryphon, Geterag, Gideon, Glacier, Gumbo

Harley, Harlequin, Hermes, Hunter, Hearst, Hidalgo,

Ishmael, Ivoire, Ivan,

Joker, Jester, Jasper, Jonas, Joaquin, Jayden, Jett,


Acadia, Amber, Aleisha, Aurora, Azure, Anemone, Abby, Angie, Aster, Apricot,

Brie, Brandi, Breezy, Bettany, Beryl, Billie, Becca, Britt(any), Beaujolais, Button, Beyoncé,

Chér, Cheri, Chelsea, Copper, Caper, Catalina, Califia, Claire, Chloë, Crissy, Citrine, Cinnamon, Caprice, Cally, Corsica,

Dallas, Destiny, Dru(cilla), Daphne, Diva, Darla, Dawn, Danica, Dina, Dancer, Demi

Élan, Echo, Élise, Eden, Edie,

Faith, Fendi, Fancy, France , Fav, Frannie, Feather,

Galliano, Gimlet, Gemini, Gem, Goldy, Garnet, Gentian, Gambol, Ginger

Honey, Heather, Halle, Hunter, Holly

Isis, Indira, Ivoire, Idora, Izzy,

Jade, Jazz, Juno, Jeunesse, Jonquil, Joannie

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Kapstan, Kona, Keeper, Kirk, Kilo, Karate, Kelsey, Kodi, Kingsley, Kaiser

Leif, Léonce, Lynch, Lafayette, Lear, Larimar, Lance, Libra, Leigh,

Mettle, Merle, Mace, Matisse, Mojave, Marsh, Mateo, Magnet, Mercury, Mork, Magnus, Mason, Mateus, Monterey, Momento,

Nigel, Nero, Niles, Nico, Nougat, Nuno,

Onyx, Opus, Orleans, Ollie, Oak, Ozzie, O'Malley,

Portly, Puck, Pippin, Piper, Pancho, Pima, Presidio, Puente, Postal, Palisade, Perro, Phoenix, Philane

Quentin, Quill, Query, Quincy, Quicksilver, Quequeg, Quaker,

Rip, Rufus, Radar, River, Riot, Rémy, Rush, Rancho, Romeo, Russet, Riley, Rocket,

Steel, Safron, Sambuco, Sprocket, Spork, Starbuck, Snert, Sequoia, Sebastian, Sonar, Serge, Shiloh, Sprint,

Tam, Tyg, Tuck, Tanon, Tyler, Tigger, Tejon, Tahoe, Tequila, Tray, Tristan, Teepee, Thoreau, Tandem, Tanker,

Ulrich, Uther, Uno, Ullyses,

Virgil, Vortex, Velcro, Vulcan,

Wyatt, Watt, Wander, Wonton, Wyoming, Wichita, Wendell

Xavier, Xerox, Xander,

Yurek, Yves, Yoda, Yosemite, Yerba, Yeller,

Zinc, Zircon, Zero, Zaphod, Zoyd, Zeno,

Kara, Kate, Kenya , Kendra, Kieran, Kylie, Kismet, Kayla, Kharis, Katrina

Lilly, Loni, Leona, Leonie, Leila, Lapis, Lavender, Lara, Larissa

Madison, Meade, Myst, Mitzy, Mariposa, Mindy, Melodie, Mandi, Marmalade, Mocha, Marnie, Marina, Mariah,

Nutmeg, Nola, Nalene, Nina, Normandy,

Opal, Odene, Oprah, Ophra,

Picot, Pru(dence), Penny, Paige, Plum, Peche, Phalene, Pomona,

Quill, Que, Query, Quest, Quay,

Reine, Robin, Rhonnie, Rhonda, Roxie, René, Ruche, Rhona, Raisin,

Sahara, Slate, Silver, Sierra, Sasha, Sapphire, Sonoma, Sienna, Sylvie, Seana, Sedona, Sydney, Sepia, Sidonia, Snuggie, Snowball,

Tupelo, Twizzle, Tangier, Tumult, Taffetta, Tapestry, Tanith, Terra, Tempest, Tansy, Truffles, Topaz, Tilde, Tara, Tangerine, Tamsin,

Ulysse, Urzana, Una, Ullanda,

Venice, Vinca, Vicki, Vesper, Valencia, Vanda,

Winona, Winter, Woods, Willow, Wawona, Whitney, Winny, Wendy, Wonder,

Yule, Yonder, Yeti, Yarrow,

Zhara, Zirana, Zephyr

If your family has more than one dog, it's a good idea to choose names for them that do not sound alike and cannot easily be confused. For example, two dogs named Sorcha and Sacha will not be sure which of them you're adressing with a command. If their names were Alix and Zoë, none of the syllables sound alike and so the dogs will not be confused.

For more general dog names that may work for an Australian Shepherd, try our Puppy Names page.

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