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"DREAMBARKS" are those woofy noises your puppy makes while chasing bunnies in her sleep. . . .

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Dog Breed Gifts

Find your BREED and ACTIVITY on t-shirts, golf shirts, messenger bags, caps, license plate frames, and a variety of other useful items. Just click one of the icons above . . .

Cinco de Mayo Grooming or Chef's Apron
Greyhound Rescue T-shirts
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The DREAMBARKS site has thoughtful naming suggestions for your new puppy or newly adopted adult dog. Find a breed-specific name that is either familiar or unique. We have names especially for Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Chihuahuas, Doberman Pinschers, French Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Pointers, Rottweilers, Greyhounds, and German Shepherds. Check back frequently for newly-added breeds! Also try Pet Names for Foodies!
  Dog Breed Valentines
Dog Breed Valentines

The DREAMBARKS site is devoted to informative articles on dog care. In addition, we have dog designs on products for dog lovers. Click on the DREAMBARKS logo above for dog and other designs. Whether you need a new mug or a tshirt for a hard-to-buy-for dog lover, or a dog-breed greeting card, check out our online shops for unique suggestions. Check at the end of this page for links to other shops. Visit our Gourmand2go Recipe Site for people food. Or, you may require our Skunk Remedy. . . . For similar articles with additional information for Doberman Pinscher lovers, visit our Dobe site:

The Dreambarks Doberman Information Site

Click here for information on Pet Portraits. Visit our annotated LINKS page.

Medieval Dog Art

Life without dog is an empty experience.


Dogs teach us what really matters in life. There's a theory that postulates a genetic predisposition for some people to need the companionship of another species, usually dogs or horses ... ];@}=} . ... <sigh>. The articles on this site are the result of years of combined experience and research. (I'm an educated dog lover and an avid dog photographer!)

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Don't allow the human rights of animal lovers to be taken away . . . oppose BSL now while you still can. BSL is an extremist ploy to divide and conquer animal lovers with the ultimate goal of making companion animals, as well as livestock, illegal.

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CPR for Dogs

THE DOG'S MIND: Click on the image to the right if you would like to read about techniques for socializing and maintaining youth and vitality in your canine companion. Recent studies on aging have revealed that both diet and activities can help to prevent symtoms associated with aging in dogs. This is good news!
The Canine Mind
WATER: We all know how important it is to avoid becoming dehydrated and most people carry bottled water with them wherever they go. However, I often see people exercising their dogs without providing safe, clean water for their dog, who is usually working out much harder! Click on the image to the left for some suggestions.
SKIN PROBLEMS: Many dogs are troubled by dry, itchy skin, especially during winter in northern areas, but also in desert areas. Over-bathing can cause problems in breeds that don't have an oily coat. Click on the image to the right for suggestions regarding diet and bathing.
Skin Problems
Eye Care EYES: Sometimes dogs' eyes need special attention because of hayfever or other irritations. Here are some suggestions for home remedies; click on the image to the left.
EARS: Dogs' ears require special maintenance; they are designed differently from human ears. Some breeds require veterinary care for ears, but all require routine cleaning and careful attention. Click on the Dobe profile to the right for a few helpful suggestions.
Ear Care
Dental Care TEETH: Dental care is crucial for dogs' health, and let's not forget . . . their social life! Click the Dober head on the left for techniques for avoiding that stereotypical predator breath <cringe>. ]:@[=]
PAW PADS: A dog's feet take a lot of wear and yet we tend to forget about them. An essential part of grooming is checking the paw pads for damage and applying a moisturizer to prevent cracks. Click to the right for more info! Pawpad Care
Treating Minor Wounds WOUNDS: The treatment of minor wounds becomes an essential skill when raising a puppy. Any serious wound needs the attention of a vet, but minor scrapes can be treated at home for quick healing.
TOXIC SUBSTANCES: Dog owners need to be aware of hazards around the home; often things that you might never expect a dog to consume are well-documented hazards to be safeguarded against. Read about a few of these here.
Toxic to Dogs!
The Well-Dressed Dog CLOTHES FOR DOGS: Short-haired breeds especially need protection from the elements, even indoors! I'm not afraid to admit that my Dobe wears jammies in winter. ];@}=} Check the link at left for pics . . . and suggestions.
SPAY INCONTINENCE: Many female dogs develop incontinence immediately or some time after being spayed. In addition, male dogs may become incontinent due to prostate problems. In either case, your vet will want to check for diabetes first and to investigate for other potential medical causes.
Toxic to Dogs!
Names for Dogs NAMES FOR DOGS: Choosing a name for your new canine pal can be a fun and informative occasion.  You will probably always remember this event, and why you chose the name you did.  Some different considerations apply from choosing a baby name; the other dogs won’t laugh if you call your pup Fifi, but if other people do, that could have similar consequences. Try our puppy names page . . .
TREATS FOR DOGS: What could possibly be more important in this world than a dog biscuit? <grin> That special treat you give yourself after completing a difficult chore shouldn't be underestimated, nor should the treats you give your dog. Click on the pic on the right for a delicious and nutritious biscuit recipe to bake for your best buddy. Oh yum! ]:@}==}
Biscuit Recipe
As promised, here is a list of our shops with people gear bearing doggie and other motifs. Visit The Emerald Forest for flora and fauna designs: flowers, veggies, fruit, puppies, rabbits, horses, llamas, reptiles, snakes, rodents, and birds. Find housewares, t-shirts, mugs, caps. . . . You can also find dog t-shirts in small sizes (an XXL will fit an 80 pound Dobe or Greyhound). Dreambarkscom features 450 different dog breeds in a variety of designs, including garments, gear, and housewares, stickers, license plate frames, magnets, and buttons. We even have breed-specific sympathy cards. In addition, we create custom designs and portraits! Click on the pictorial icons to visit, and enjoy!
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